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I should have been more daring [with The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes] but, unfortunately, the son of Conan Doyle was there.

I wanted to make Holmes a homosexual. That’s why he is on dope.

Look, we have been freed now from the Breen Office or the Johnston Office or that stupid thing.

In many respects, it’s terrifying because now any idiot and any pornographer can do anything.

But for the ones who are a little bit discriminating, who do it delicately, a grand new thing has opened.

But that was after [I made] Private Life.

The saddest thing about the film is that it was a waste of a year and a half of my life.

When you get to be my age, you say, 'Shit, if I just had the time back that I wasted on pictures that were failures.'

But I’m not ashamed of it. There are many pictures I wish I could scratch out, but this one I’m not ashamed of.

Billy Wilder, on his original intent for The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Reference Notes:

  • Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have stated TPLoSH was used as their main inspiration and “template” for Sherlock, and Gatiss considers Wilder to be one of “the best screenwriters in the world”. [x]
  • On Holmes’ drug use in TPLoSH, Wilder has said: "I should have been more daring. I have this theory. I wanted Holmes homosexual and not admitting it to anyone, including maybe even himself. The burden of keeping it a secret was the reason he took dope."  [x]
  • "The Breen Office" is in reference to Joseph Breen, one of the primary film censors who applied the Hays Code of “moral censorship guidelines” to Hollywood productions from the 1930s onwards: [x]
  • "The Johnston Office" is in reference to Eric Johnston, the president of the MPAA who took part in creating the Hollywood Blacklist, which denied employment based on alleged membership in or sympathy with the American Communist Party, involvement in progressive political causes, or refusal to assist in government investigations from the 1940s onwards. [x]

(Quote from ‘Brief Encounters: Lesbians and Gays in British Cinema 1930-1971’ [x])

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sherlock would probably tattoo “i’m married to john watson” all over his body after their wedding







Guys, seriously: as a fandom, we need to come together and agree not to leak things like this. I mean, home video of Martin Freeman taking a bath? That’s fucking sick, you guys. Respect his privacy. I expect better of you, Sherlockians.

Yeah I hate to be the killjoy here, but the man is just trying to have a bath in peace. It’s obviously already a struggle for him as it is, seeing as he’s too short to reach the taps, so please stop reblogging this. His BAFTA doesn’t give him this shit. 

I know I should respect his privacy, but LOOK at him. Martin Freeman in the tub. If he didn’t want it to get out, he shouldn’t have made it. Sorry, but that’s my opinion and I stand by it. 

I’m sorry fandom, this is taking things to the next level. Celebrities are people too. We should respect his privacy. Whoever posted this makes me sick

Guys… that’s a hedgehog.


I need a doctor
to bring me back to life

back to life.

I can’t believe it’s already 2017 











Guys I’m crying omg I was drunk please stop reblogging this

They want it to stop…..we reblog it to the extreme

No no no lol please don’t

Forever reblog until 2017

O my god no

i cant stop laughing 

until 2017

only 3 more years.

we can reblog while we wait for Sherlock series 4.


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Musical theatre people be like


This guy is the only one who has managed to make consistently good and offensive vines. 




Jesus fucking Christ

I’ve been uncontrollably laughing for the past five minutes holy shit

Hahahahaha! And Sherlock’s look, lol

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even the way he unbuttons his jacket is hot

And it’s actually a proof of his excellent education. A man is expected to open his jacket when he sits down and to close his jacket when he gets up. Well done! 

This ———^

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